Thursday, February 5, 2015

the upchuck blues

sweetlings feelin' sick-ish
not just one, but two
tummies all a-rumblin'
what's a mom to do?

holdin' up hair
cold cloths in hand
runnin' for the potty
now isn't that grand?

all night long
all mornin', too
don't you know
we've got the up chuck blues

oh honey don't come near us
we got the low down up chuck blues

but there's a silver linin'
as in all things blue
i am thankful to be in it
rather than be without you

so, so glad to be your mommy
blue's a lovely hue, too

oh yeah, my sweet loves
i wouldn't trade bein' blue with you

OK, well, you can tell what we have been up to for the last few days ^_~ It was write and sing or sit down and cry - lol! Hopefully today will bring well tummies and sweetling smiles and no repeat performances...♥

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