Wednesday, February 18, 2015

the window route

What a blessing to be gifted with snow days! We, of course, love the actual snow and then there is the joy of being together all five, of different days, of celebrating. Also there's lots of playtime outside and inside, hot chocolate making, and running the window route ^_^ You know, catching the view out of each and every window repeatedly so as not to miss a single breath-taking, snowy perspective.

Running the window route is a part of a family legacy, you see. It's a priceless inheritance to me, and I am working at passing it along to the sweetlings. I have the loveliest memories of my mom when it snowed. She loved it! She celebrated it! And she carried us right along with her for the fun.

When the first flakes began to fall, we clapped and danced and laughed. The window route was begun just as soon as the first round of dancing ended ^_^ And we walked it often and joyfully all day as the flakes fell, calling out to one another to "come and see the snow from this window" --and even popping out of bed to check the view through the night.

The sweetlings are already catching the fever, and I plan on keeping it growing as long as the Father keeps on sending snow each year. And one day if there is snow in eternity Jamie, the sweetlings and I, Dad, Paige and her crew will dance and dance and dance again with Mom to the prettiest snow there ever was.

Meanwhile and looking forward, I walk the route with such a thankful heart. For a Creator who would even imagine up snow in the first place, for a Heavenly Father who keeps sending it in answer to the prayers of my sweetlings, for the marvelous blessing of memories of days in the snow ♥

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