Monday, March 9, 2015

a talk with licorice

Cutest sweetling moment of the afternoon...

Meredith headed out into the back yard, calling to Ila and me that she was going to let our lab, Licorice, out to run. Ila ran for the door and asked M to wait until she changed clothes so she could help. (Ila was full-on decked out in her Rainbow Dash costume and said changing process would take a little time.) M said she would wait and went to hang out by the kennel. A few minutes later, I looked out to see M deep in conversation with Licorice ^_^ She was talking a mile a minute, using hand gestures, and pausing (paws-ing? hee hee) every few seconds to throw back her head and laugh.

First of all, I was enthralled and delighted by how animated M was. What a joy to watch! And further, I have not yet asked her what she and Licorice were discussing, but I cannot wait to hear that story. I imagine that it will be one for the books ♥

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