Monday, May 4, 2015

music of my heart

Today as I have been wrapping up the preparations for meeting with my precious ladies tonight, I have been listening to the loveliest music! Hymns and praise in multiple parts, specifically. If I tried to pin down just what my favorite songs or types or styles of music are, I would be lost. There are so many gorgeous musics to love!

It occurred to me just now, though, that I know precisely what the music of my heart is. So many of you! If ever you and I have been in a choir or chorus together, a duet, trio, quartet or any other blending of voices in harmony, you are a part of the music of my heart.

So today I am lifting up, rejoicing over the voices that have touched my heart and life in more ways than you will ever know:

Choirs & Groups at FBC Drexel, Tabernacle, Fellowship,
Elizabeth, Putnam, and Mt Zion Baptist Churches

Choruses & Ensembles at Graham Middle, Graham High, Crest High Schools
and Meredith College

The sweetlings, Jamie and me with J's guitar
P - anytime, anywhere! (but especially our songs and singing through the hymnal)
JJQP around the piano, in the car
Standing beside Grandmother in worship at FBC Drexel singing hymns
Brendle cousin & family caroling at Christmas time
Singing with Kim at Fellowship - in worship together, choirs, duets
The staff Christmas Celebrations at EBC
Singing with Susan at EBC - in worship together, choirs, duets, quartets with our dads

Impromptu sing-alongs during mission trips, youth trips, choir tours ^_^

How I hope for and look forward to the day when we will sing together --all together-- again. The highest praise, the most beautiful blending of voices, harmonies and hearts will be the order of the day ♥

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