Sunday, June 14, 2015

she's seven

How did it happen, sweet girl? One day Daddy and I had a surprise to share with our family and friends, and the next day you are seven years old. Sitting here typing a note to you while you are running in and out of the room playing makes me laugh! And it would make you laugh, too, if you knew what I was up to. You'd grin and put your hand to your face and whisper, "Mom! That just might be embarrassing!" And then you would laugh a big belly laugh and run off to further adventures.

There are so many things I could say... but these are foremost in my thoughts just now. I love that God chose you for us. Daddy and I needed you; Meredith and Samuel needed you. You have brought fearless fun and joie de vivre to our little family. No one lives as out loud and vitally as you do. You love with everything that you have, and sweet girl, not everyone does that. It is a gift to you and a blessing to others --and you carry it marvelously well.

You have brought music unlike any other music to our musical family ^_^ Yes, that is a silly sentence, but it is oh! so true. Your glass shattering high notes and your top-of-my-lungs impromptu performances have blasted us right into such fun so often. And the gentle, earnest ways you sing your heart to us when you think we aren't listening have touched my own heart beyond all telling.

These days some of your favorite things are cats (always!), playing with Samuel, sister time with Meredith, playing with Abbie, gymnastics, reading, playing in the pool, baby dolls and your Am Girl dolls, crafts, and celebrating. In school this year you loved reading, working with words with me, and math. Your favorite colors have changed several times this year - right now they are blue & purple. You love to decorate and do art and projects, and you are having so much fun riding bikes.

It has been a joy to grow with you these past seven years, and I am so excited for the next seven and the next and the seven after that... and on and on right through forever. I am so proud of you, Ila. It is a privilege to be your Mommy. You make the air sparkle and shimmer, so very beautiful you are.

Happy, Happy Birthday to you ♥

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