Friday, July 31, 2015

strange ashes

Reading my EE for the day, and she is discussing the ashes that are left on the altar after an offering was accepted. She quotes a passage from Amy Carmichael, who taught her the implications of a living sacrifice...

The question:
"But these strange ashes, Lord, this nothingness,
this baffling sense of loss?"

The answer:
Son, was the anguish of my stripping less
upon the torturing cross?
...Yea, turned to ashes by the vehement breath
of fire, on Calvary?
...Oh son beloved, this is thy heart's desire:
this, and no other thing follows the fall of the
Consuming Fire on the burnt offering.

Go on and taste the joy set high, afar,--
No joy like that to thee;
See how it lights the way like some great star.
Come now, and follow me.

EE finishes up the thought his way: "I want to put down right here that I have certainly "tasted the joy." I cannot imagine a more wonderfully blessed life than mine. Faithfulness of a loving Father -- that's what I have found, every day of every week of every year, and it gets better."

How these things stir my mind and heart, my imagination is alight with the notion of strange ashes, of joy set high. My will and courage rise and then fail as I look to who I am. But then, I look to who He is, and I know Whom I have believed. I know His faithfulness.

So I look in wonder toward a higher plane than I have found ♥

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

linen paper squares

Six pencils, the best black ink ever, linen paper squares, Christmas music, and tears. These are the moments and flavors of this very unique afternoon. I have spent it drawing, sketching a tiny portion of my imagination in six colors --with love inked in.

I can't tell you the last time I spent a few hours making my own art. It was pure joy! I cranked up the Christmas music and sang and cried. Making art always makes me think of Mom. I can hear her voice, her laughter as I lay the colors down. And I am blown away and so thankful, and oh how I miss her.

These little squares are to be gifts, ones which I simply cannot wait to share. That is also a legacy from Mom, the gifting of "just a little somethings"...

What an afternoon. So blessed ♥

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

wave walking

Came around to one of my very favorite dates with Uncle Oswald today, and so, I joyfully give way to these beautiful words...

"God is not working toward a particular finish; His end is the process-- that I see Him walking on the waves, no shore in sight, no success, no goal, just the absolute certainty that it is all right because I see Him walking on the sea."

And these...

"...if we realize that obedience is the end, then each moment as it comes is precious."

So, yes! Wave walking ♥

Monday, July 27, 2015

words of hope

powerful & simple

astonishing & gentle

welcome & crucial

fresh air, freedom & just like a hug

pure, clear, cool water & delight-full

Words of hope. They are life-giving, life-sustaining, life-maintaining, life abundant. And they are joy. They are the heart gifts of our days and years, when we spend time with the Father and He shares them with us, and when He places others in our lives to share them with us. They are our calling as well, to share as we go and as He leads.

So simple a burden. A beautiful, glorious privilege to be compelled to share them, to be gifted with the task of sharing them. How often do I overlook the opportunity to do so? How often do I choose the complete opposite kinds of words? Too often. Oh, Father, help me keep silent until I remember to choose words of hope. Remind me to set aside and turn away from the other kinds of words. Help me to remember the gift, the refreshing.

Today I had the blessing of being gifted with words of hope.
And I am overcome with the fullness of what they meant and will mean.
I am so grateful ♥

Saturday, July 25, 2015

just four words

Take a moment with me and open your Bible to Philippians 4. (LoL that some of you may be having Brendle flashbacks from FBC or EBC --or Bridges current day deja vu!)
I promise that I am not going to preach, so take a deep breath, and let's start again...

Now, read verse 6. You, like me, have probably read this precious verse hundreds of times. Yes? Now back up just four words. Read the last four words of verse 5 as a prelude to verse 6. Absolutely gorgeous, yes?

The Lord is near.
O, my heart ♥

Friday, July 24, 2015

keep a quiet heart

I don't know when I have looked so forward to a book as I am the one I am currently reading: Keep a Quiet Heart by Elisabeth Elliot. Reading one chapter each day during my quiet time, I am discovering blessing upon blessing. Reminders, rich lessons, joy, instruction, fresh perspective all ala the precious author's own heart are absolute gifts. Just wow!

From the first day I picked it up, I knew that this was the book the Father had for this time for me. It is straightforward and so very deep, the chapters are brief which suits mommy culture quite well, and the best part of all, I have something gorgeous to consider and work with during each daily day. ^_^ How thankful I am!

What are you reading that is touching your heart right now?

Sunday, July 12, 2015

beyond words

If you are looking for a sweet, gorgeous adventure story, drop by my precious Laura's blog. She is living in southern France this summer, sharing Christ. What fun, yes? It is a privilege and a joy to pray with her as she walks these days. She is a sweetling of my heart, and she has a lovely way with words. Here is a link to her blog: Beyond Words

Trusting Him with her days. Lift her up with me? ♥

Tuesday, July 7, 2015


It's so, so simple today.
A "little"something from my reading...

"What the caterpillar calls the end of the world,
the Creator calls a butterfly."

So thankful ♥

Quote Source: Keep a Quiet Heart by Elisabeth Elliot

Saturday, July 4, 2015

stars & stripes & puddle ducks

Started the day with 1 John 4. We love because He first loved us.

Listened to Ray Charles sing "America the Beautiful" (Miami FL 1999).

Three sweetlings splashing happily in the pool.
Laughter, so much laughter, play fueled with imagination,
a snack of fresh, cool pineapple, a day at home all together.

Hotdogs, fruit cups, ice cream and sparklers in a little while.

Later there will be fireworks with beautiful community, arms
around sweetlings, holding hands with Jamie, joyfully whispering
our ooohs and aaahs.

Thankful, more thankful than I can express to be where I am today.

Happy, happy 4th, friends ♥

Friday, July 3, 2015

choose, then

I choose. I am gifted with choice. I am neither slave, nor am I mindless.
It is up to me, for I am that well loved.

God made us. He wants relationship with us, and so He gives us the choice
of loving Him, obeying Him, following Him, walking with Him. He chose
to create each and every one of us, and He loves us so well that He allows us
to choose Him in return --or not.

I cannot make you choose, and you cannot make me choose ^_^ My choice is
my own responsibility, and your choice is yours. One day we will all stand
before Him in the choice that we have made.

But we must be sure! We must be very sure that we understand that no matter
what the world may say, there are only two choices. We choose Him, or we do not.

As we think, as we speak, as we act... we choose. We honor God with our lives,
or we do not. Either we are obeying Him, or we are disobedient. There is no way
to choose a middle ground or a gray area when there is none.

And so, we choose this day, and it's a forever choice ♥

Wednesday, July 1, 2015


God made us, and we are His. He is Creator; we are created.
We were made by Him for Him, for relationship with Him and to glorify Him.

It is not we who define ourselves, it is He who defines us.

What is critical is not how we see ourselves, it is how He sees us.

No matter what we say, no matter what we do, nothing can change the fact that this world --every person, every creature, every single thing-- belongs to Him. He has created us, and He has chosen us.

We are His. Period.

Now do we choose Him in return?
Well, that is a topic for another day ♥