Monday, July 27, 2015

words of hope

powerful & simple

astonishing & gentle

welcome & crucial

fresh air, freedom & just like a hug

pure, clear, cool water & delight-full

Words of hope. They are life-giving, life-sustaining, life-maintaining, life abundant. And they are joy. They are the heart gifts of our days and years, when we spend time with the Father and He shares them with us, and when He places others in our lives to share them with us. They are our calling as well, to share as we go and as He leads.

So simple a burden. A beautiful, glorious privilege to be compelled to share them, to be gifted with the task of sharing them. How often do I overlook the opportunity to do so? How often do I choose the complete opposite kinds of words? Too often. Oh, Father, help me keep silent until I remember to choose words of hope. Remind me to set aside and turn away from the other kinds of words. Help me to remember the gift, the refreshing.

Today I had the blessing of being gifted with words of hope.
And I am overcome with the fullness of what they meant and will mean.
I am so grateful ♥

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