Thursday, August 13, 2015

four days and counting

Where did the summer go? I cannot imagine how, but it is mostly behind us now. The sweetlings and I begin our next schooling adventure on Monday! I am excited and a little nervous, and it all looks really enormous right now. For my part, things will settle in in a couple of weeks, and I will remember that I know something about doing this - lol! I wonder if the sweetlings feel that way, too? ^_^

We will have three weeks of getting used to our new school routine, and then the classes and activities begin. This year marks a real branching out for us. We are adding some things to our schedule (!!!), and we are all looking forward to the fun.

This year is also our final year before one begins high school, and it's our first year with all three in the same cycle. My heart aches with the passing of milestones even as I am delighted to see the sweetlings learning and growing so well.

OK, gotta stop writing right now. The big picture is making me teary and my "to do" list is a bit too involved to allow for a big cry. Pray with us? We are all in joyful anticipation of what the Father will do with our next ten months or so ♥

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