Friday, August 21, 2015

in review: this first week of days

What a beautiful week.

Mind you, not a perfect week.

A gift it has been, all whole.

The Father met me in the moments of it.

He answered so many of my prayers directly.

He let me see some things I needed to know.

He held our hands and hearts as the challenges came.

He was there as we learned, and laughed, and even cried.
He was there as we sang, and memorized, and prayed.
He was there as we planned, and sketched, and celebrated.

As I worked and watched, He brought to fruition the plans
that were the work of many years and most especially these
past few months.

And again, I am astounded by His imagination, creativity,
love and grace as I do these daily days with my sweetlings.

Given the choice of all the world, I would choose this time and place.
It is a miracle, this contentment, this peace.

Walking gently and profoundly grateful among the last few hours
of this first week of school days ♥

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