Wednesday, August 12, 2015

magic emeralds in the death star?

Cutest sweetling moment of the afternoon...

Ila came around the corner to my desk toting Samuel's Lego Death Star. She had rigged it with a string so that she could carry it like a purse. She sidled up to me and the following exchange took place in whispers:

I: Do you want to see the secret inside?
Q: Absolutely!

(Ila opens the Death Star to reveal a bright green ball that is actually Lloyd the Ninja's dragon's breath)

Q: What is it?
I: It's magical! It's an emerald!
Q: In the Death Star?
I: Mo-om, it's not the Death Star right now, it's a secret safe treasure holder.
Q: I see! Good idea!
I: That's right! No one would EVER guess that the magical emerald is in there.

(Ila walks away tucking the "magical emerald" into her pants pocket)

Q: Are you moving the "you know what" to your pocket?
I: SSssshhh, Mom! Yes!
Q: Why?
I: So all the villains won't find it, of course!

At the time of this writing the magical item of note is no longer in the Death Star or in her pocket. So curious to know where the sacred dragon's breath is now --hopefully still safe from all the villains ♥

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