Friday, August 28, 2015

the great blueberry save

You know those days that you plan for? Those wonderful activities that you know your sweetlings are going to love and talk about for days? Well, I had one of those planned for today! In ECC (our curriculum this year), we wrap up the two week introduction unit on the Friday of the second week. We celebrate by baking a cake and frosting it to look like a world map or globe, complete with continents.

After the almost miss with the apple pie story last week, I set my list up early to make sure that we had the ingredients for the cake. Guess what? I forgot to transfer the ingredients from my white board to the grocery list this week. Ack!! Well then, Samuel and Ila and I stopped by the store yesterday to pick up a few things, but guess what? This "supermom" completely forgot the cake AGAIN.

Do you know when I remembered? Last night as I was reviewing our plans for today, it hit me. No cake ingredients, no pans, no icing. Yep, just call me mom of the mighty fail.

Now if you know me at all, you know I plan. I organize and fix and fluff and decorate. I make charts and lists (and tend to be a little overly enthusiastic about the whole process). All of that, first, because I like to ^_~ and also because it helps me not to forget stuff. Well, usually anyway.

So last night I shifted into, "Oh, dear goodness! What now?" mode. And just like He does, God stepped in with an idea. I know it was He, because I most assuredly would never have come up with blueberry continents on my own. I was rifling through the contents of our pantry by memory, when the blueberry muffin mixes tucked in there came to mind.
And the result? If you stopped by the house right now, you would be met with the scent of fresh baked blueberry muffins. If you stepped into the kitchen you would find cooling on the stove, not the muffins you expected, but a nine by thirteen casserole dish filled with Blueberry Continent Cake.

The best part of all? The sweetlings loved the project! They laughed out loud at the thought of arranging blueberries into the shapes of the continents on the top of the batter and had a blast working on it. They hoped and hoped when we put the cake in the oven that the blueberries would not sink or run all together. It turned out beautifully, and we are so excited to taste it for our afternoon snack.

The great blueberry save won't be something the sweetlings remember. They never knew the project today was meant to be anything but just what it was. They will remember the Blueberry Continent Cake and the fun.

But I will remember.

I will remember His faithfulness, His joy. A bit of His creativity, His imagination gifted just to me. His attention to what seems the tiniest detail in a world of bigger things.

I will remember, and I will praise Him for His love of the details.
And for the way He has His way and makes all things good ♥

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