Friday, August 14, 2015

the other ones

I was working on my Sunday School lesson yesterday afternoon. We are studying Revelation this quarter, and I asked Meredith to draw her idea of the locusts from chapter nine. We talked through the chapter a little bit, and she made a wonderful, terrible piece of art.

Later in the evening, after she had gone to bed, she came back downstairs to say that she couldn't sleep. She was still thinking about our talk earlier in the day. I asked if it was the picture that she had drawn. No, it wasn't that. She said it was about judgement day and started to get teary. I told her that it was coming for sure, but that she did not need to worry. Jesus would call her His on that day and all would be well. She smiled and said that helped a little.

Clearly that wasn't the issue, so I asked her again what was upsetting her. "The other ones, Mom."  I asked her to try to use her words to help me understand. "The ones who will not be called His that day, Mom. It makes me so sad that there are other ones. Why? Why don't they listen and understand? Why can't they all be saved?"

O my heart! We went on to talk about the fact that God does not want anyone to die without knowing Him, without being His. He made us, we are His. He loves everyone so much. We talked about what Jesus did in His life here on earth and in His death. The joy of His resurrection and that He will be coming again. "But still... the other ones, Mom."

I told Meredith that crying for the people who do not know Him is a good thing. It signifies a squishy heart, one that is not made of stone. It helps us to always be watching for when the Father makes a way for us to share. I told her that is where the peace lies in this situation - asking the Father (as she prays for the other ones) to help her be ready to share, not to miss an opportunity, to know what to say, and to have the courage to speak up.

She nodded and smiled and headed upstairs again, only to return to me again with a paper in her hand. She has written something in her own words with those who don't know Jesus in mind.

I have asked permission to share it here and will do that tomorrow ♥

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