Saturday, August 15, 2015

the real world's story

From Meredith's heart for "the other ones"...

In the beginning, God made the heavens and the earth. And He made animals, and He made people. Humans. Two of them, Adam and Eve. They lived in a beautiful garden of Eden, and they talked with God, and everything was peace. There was no sin.

But there was one tree in the garden that God told Adam and Eve not to eat from. And Satan, otherwise known as the Devil, the enemy, and (by me) the Moron, tempted Eve to eat from the tree. Because Satan was jealous of God. Satan was/is set on turning everything away from God.

And Eve ate the fruit. Why? Don't ask ME. But she did, and Adam did, too. They sinned. 

God can't be with sin. So there was a barrier between God and humans. Now Adam and Eve were going to die, I mean, like they'd get old and die. Everyone would. And since God can't be with sin, we'd all go to hell. With the enemy.


God made a promise. He said He would send a Savior to save everyone.


It was some time before this happened. (Not everyone went to hell, though. Some trusted God and went to heaven.) When an empire called Rome was rising, and some had forgotten God, He sent His Son down to earth. This Son came into the world by being born to a woman named Mary. And He was named Jesus. As Jesus grew, He taught people about God. He showed them that He was God's Son by performing miracles that no person could. Though some refused to believe.

And Jesus lived without sinning. Because -- let me explain this -- sin has to be paid for. And if you sin, and everyone does, the payment is dying and going to hell. But if one man who lived a perfect, sinless life would die in our place, then we could be saved.

So, yes, Jesus had to die to save us. And they crucified Him. (I won't go into detail because it was horrible; you can read it in the Bible.) But GUESS WHAT? Jesus rose from the dead! He came back to life after that! Then, for a little while, He stayed on earth. Then He went back to heaven, and no, He didn't die. He floated up into the clouds.

Then two angels (God's messengers) appeared to Jesus' friends who had been watching Him go and said that Jesus is going to come back the same way He left. 

Later God said for them to go and tell everyone about Him. About how now, if they admit their sins to God and believe in Him and put their faith in Him, they can go to heaven.


It has been 2000 years since Jesus was here. Things are very different. We have cars and electricity and stuff. We have improved medicine and so many things. And... people are forgetting. They don't believe Jesus ever came. They are becoming more and more sinful.

But some know the truth, like me. We are Christians. Some say we're stupid, sappy, religious folks, but we're really not. I believe in God. Because how, being so sinful, can we feel love and mercy without Him? And I can feel Him. And He's coming back someday. In a thousand or a million years? In one second? No one knows, but He knows.

He is coming. Sinners will be eternally punished. God's people will go to Him. He will make a whole new heaven and earth that are together. ~M

May all those who have eyes to see and ears to hear come to know and understand just how much they are loved, and just how critical is the truth. May it be as plain to them as this gentle telling from the heart of one who would, like the Father, have them all choose to be saved ♥

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