Tuesday, September 8, 2015

quiet & holy

The sweetlings and I begin the second great adventure of our school year this week. Our classes and sports crank up. We are all excited (nervous-cited as Ila would say), and honestly, I am a little anxious about it all. Let me tell ya, it is daunting to look at all of the school work and activities alongside all of the classes and sports on one weekly calendar sheet! The truth that I am hanging on to is that I am certain that the Father has led us to the things we are doing this year. I know He will multiply the moments of our days and that all He would have accomplished this year will be.

During my class this morning, one of our teachers shared that, as Christ followers, "we are a quiet and holy people." Oh, how that resonated in my mind and heart!

Quiet. Not silent, but not obnoxious, not boastful, not belligerent. We are not snarky, not sarcastic, not cold, not hurtful... The peace that reigns in our hearts and minds allows us to, challenges us to live and love with gentleness in our words and actions.

And holy. Christ-like. The likeness of Christ in me. Him recognizable, more than that, Him visible, audible as I walk.

There was much more in our class time together, but that is what I will be working with over the next few days. What a joy to find refreshing and challenge ♥

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