Friday, September 11, 2015

upon the subject of thankfulness

... offering heartfelt thanks to the Father in all things takes us out of the stuffiness of ourselves and into the fresh breeze and sunlight of the will of God.

... the simple act of thanking Him is a change, a redirection, a break from work and worry, a move toward re-creation.

...I want to see clearly what I have been given and to thank Him with an honest heart for every single thing.

... though I have only the faintest hint of the truth of His fathomless love for me, His most precious gifts to me, His wisdom in planning the days and years of my life, I thank Him with all that I am. From the roots of my toes ^_^ and clinging to the things He has made known to me, I thank Him for all that He gives and allows in my life.

As I worked with the subject of thankfulness this morning first thing, and as I continue walking with it this afternoon, I am overcome again and again by the privilege of saying, "thank you" to Him.

Among the endless things that come to mind, these are the foremost in my thoughts today. First is this life of mine. Oh, the gorgeous gift of being born in His imagination, being loved by Him, being alive on this earth. And then all of the moments of the days I have lived so far, the precious people and places, the things I have seen, what I have learned, the days yet to come, and the promise of forever. I am full to bursting just in these.

But there is more. Also, today, I remember with inexpressible joy my very first crew of friends. My family lived in Drexel from the time I was a baby until I was nine years old, and I remember that time with such a thankful heart. Those friends that God gave me then are now and will always be so precious to me. Today, especially, I bring them close to mind and heart and lift them up with laughter and tears. We said farewell to one of our crew on this day fourteen years ago. His name is Eric, and he served at the Pentagon. He has the sweetest smile and the truest heart, and Christ shone in his life here with us. He touched us all, and we love him so!

What a day! I believe I will close this way...

My heart is filled with thankfulness
To Him who reigns above
Whose wisdom is my perfect peace
Whose every thought is love
For every day I have on earth
Is given by the King
So I will give my life my all
To love and follow Him ♥

Thanksgiving notes from EE and me
Verse at closing from a beautiful song of praise by Fletcher & Bainbridge

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