Tuesday, November 3, 2015

finding the thankful things

Last night at our meeting I shared a story with my ladies about my sweetlings and me and our quest to find the thankful things. The illustration I used was the story from a day a few years ago when Ila was struggling with her attitude about cleaning her room. You know those times when God joins in your conversation and supplies just the right words? Well, He did that for me that day.

I sat Ila down and reminded her that helping to take care of our home was something that each of us in our family has a part in and that it is the best way we can show God how thankful we are to have a home. I went on to say that when I have a job that I really do not care for, I try to find the thankful thing...

Q: Here's what I mean, sweetie. Did you know that I have to clean the potty?
I: Oh, YUCK!! No WAY!!
Q: Yep! I do!
I: Ewww! I can't even THINK about putting my hands in THERE!
(lots of giggles and silliness here)

Q: You're right. It's not a great job at all, but do you know what I
do when I have to think about cleaning the potty? I remember that
we are so blessed to have one! I remember that years ago outside
was all they had - and then for a long time there were these things
called chamber pots (explanation here and lots more "ewwws" and

I: I see, Mommy! Even if it's something to do like my room or the
potty, I can remember to find the thankful thing tucked in there
somewhere -- like that I have a room and a potty at all.

This has been our go-to story about thankful things for years, and I love the laughter and fun that comes with it, but even more I love the discussion that follows. The sweetlings get started and our lists of thankful things just go on and on. We are so blessed!

My sweet friend, Sheila, who was at the meeting last night, shared this with me from her quiet time this morning which was on the subject of mundane, repetitive tasks...

"It’s a matter of taking up each duty, no matter how mundane, humble, or trivial, and asking God to bless it and put it to His intended purposes. In that way we take the drudgeries of life and turn them into holy work, filled with unseen, eternal consequence.

The poet Gerard Manley Hopkins said, “To lift up the hands in prayer gives God glory, but a man with a [pitchfork] in his hand, a woman with a slop pail, give Him glory, too. God is so great that all things give Him glory if you mean that they should."

If whatever we do is done for Christ, we’ll be amazed at the joy and meaning we’ll find in even the most ordinary tasks."

O the joy of finding thankful things ♥

quote from Our Daily Bread

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