Saturday, November 7, 2015

just no one like Charlie Brown

Jamie, the sweetlings, and I had a lovely adventure this afternoon. We went to see "The Peanuts Movie" and enjoyed every moment! The voices were spot on, the story was charming, and the artistic touches were like a big hug. The designers combined a very new look with old school pencil lined sketching in touches to create something bright and shiny --and familiar.

For those of us who grew up with the comic strip in the newspaper and the original TV specials (Great Pumpkin & Merry Christmas), there was everything that we remember and loved -- and we still do. For the sweetlings there was lots of silliness and fun, and there was a great helping of cheering for the Charlie Brownest.

I cannot remember a time I have been to a re-make and been so thoroughly pleased. Mr. Schulz would be so proud! What fun to laugh and cheer together (of course you know the giggles of my sweetlings was part of the very best part).

We recommend this sweet adventure at the movies with our highest rating... five bees ♥

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