Monday, November 23, 2015

precious Mrs C

Reading my EE today, and she is speaking of a precious lady who took the time to see her, to know her, and to be Christ to her. Here are the words used to describe her precious Mrs C...

Her radiant face was full of sympathy, love, and understanding as she listened. She would be quiet for a little, then she would pray and, looking up, cheer and strengthen me with words from God. During and after my missionary years she wrote to me until she died.

It was what she was that taught me. It was her availability to God when He sent her to my door. It was the surrender of her time, an offering to Him for my sake. It was her readiness to "get involved," to lay down her life for one anxious school girl. Above all, she herself, a simple Scottish woman, was the message.

A lovely, extraordinary testimony to who we are called to be.
As I read the above today, I circled the words you see in bold type.
What a challenge! What a call ♥

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