Thursday, November 26, 2015


Jamie singing to himself and to the entire house as he makes breakfast. The joy he finds here with us, the way he makes everything more fun. His eyes ♥

Meredith sitting in her chair on the back stoop with a book, and Licorice close by keeping watch over her favorite person.

Samuel gaming, building, and running from room to room to keep us updated on his latest scores or projects or ideas.

Ila in the little fort she built just this morning, playing and practicing her songs for the concert coming up on Tuesday.

Beautiful blue! Skies so clear that you can almost hear them whispering, shouting joy and thanks and praise. Cool, crisp breezes just perfect for the day.

Turkey in the oven ^_^ Memories of so much fun yesterday in the kitchen getting all of the other parts of our meal ready for today.

Gentle quiet. Everyone home, everyone content and just "be-ing" together.

Having listened just an hour ago to "Alice's Restaurant" with Jamie. A silly tradition of many years now: we watch the clock carefully for the time (noon on Thanksgiving Day) -- sometimes we set a timer to be sure not to miss it, we grin, anticipating, and then we sing and laugh and sing again. Oh, his face ♥

Looking forward to seeing Dad (the shouts of "Poppy!!!" ringing through the house) in a little while and a lovely visit together. Memories of last night's celebration with Cookie, Linda, Johnny, Mel, Thomas, and Jeb. The joyful play, the visit, the faces of our family.

Missing, longing for those precious ones that we will not see today.

Knowing that our little family has a few more days together before we return to our every days. The gift of adventure coming soon. And the joy of Christmas!

This life. It's just so beautiful. This gift that the Father has given, all that He has done. Time. Time. Time. Every single moment. O my heart!

You'd think it would be the simplest thing to say thank you, wouldn't you? But I begin, and there is so very much to say. Each thing that comes to mind builds the joy, the gratitude, swells the tears, and once again I am struggling to find the words. The list will take all my life to recite, and that, too, is a part of the blessing.

And so, the words for this day:
Thank You, Father, for who You are.

Happy Thanksgiving ♥

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