Monday, November 9, 2015

tiny little sprinkles of liquid joy

He was a little more than three feet tall. Wearing a navy blue winterish coat with a hood, he danced his way right into my heart this afternoon. I do not know his name, but I will not forget his face, his hands, his joy.

It was an errand day for me, so I was out toodling around town enjoying the rain. I love the way the rain makes the greens breathe and the fall colors pop. I love the laid back, gentle way that rainy days feel (even when I have to get out in them). And, yes, I love the music of the rain and the sprinkles on my skin.

Today I added another reason to my list of why I love rainy days. The little sweetling I described above brought another thankful thing and plopped it right in my lap as I stepped out of the car to go into the grocery store. This little guy and his grand were also headed into the store, but he came to a dead stop right in the middle of the parking lot. Face to the sky, grin reaching around to his ears, he flung his arms wide and high and rejoiced in the rain. He giggled at the sprinkly kisses of the rain on his face, and his precious grand joined right in. Oh, his face! Oh, the gift of a grand who didn't fuss or worry or hurry --but joined right in!

There are blessings all around if we are watchful. That wee little fellow packed a mighty punch with his testimony to joy. It's one I want to remember, and it's one I hope to celebrate every single rainy day from now on ♥


  1. This has to be one of my favorites of your blogs. I tend to get down on rainy days and this reminds me to look for "joy sprinkles". Thanks, Dad

  2. Hi Dad ♥ Thanks for the sweet note!
    Love you so!