Thursday, December 17, 2015

a single note in a symphony

From my quiet time...

"The communion of saints takes no notice of location. Here or on the other side of the world or in heaven, all who love the Lord are included, bound together as a body whose Head is Christ.

When I pray I am often preoccupied or distracted, aware that my efforts are feeble and seemingly quite useless, but the thought that those distinguished heroes are to be perfected along with me (... and with you and with all the rest of the followers of the Lamb) changes the picture altogether and puts new heart into me.

Grand and mysterious things are in operation. We are not alone. My prayers are perhaps a single note in a symphony, but a necessary note, for I believe in the communion of the saints. We need each other. The prayers of one affect all. The obedience of one matters infinitely and forever."

Oh, pray! Love and remember, take heart, and pray!
What would the world be like if we used our words in prayer?
Carefully, gently, deliberately, with true and honest heart --we pray.

Instead of flapping about on every subject, howling and caterwauling,
insistent upon being heard,  we set self aside, no rights, remembering
just Whose power it is that we have staked our lives upon --and we pray.

And together in great company, we trust Him ♥

quote from Elisabeth Elliot

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