Monday, December 21, 2015

beautiful boy

Yesterday, we shared in a lovely morning worship with lessons, carols, and communion, all the while looking at the manger in the shadow of the cross. And I as I sat, listening, watching, finding the Father's message for me for this week, this Christmas week, I could not keep my eyes from the sweet face of my son. As I heard some of our family history, including Abraham and Isaac and then later the Father and Jesus and Mary, my heart and thoughts turned again and again to Samuel.

Oh, the gift of these years with him! His face, his life, his laughter, his heart... and I think of Abraham, "Here I am, Lord"... and Mary, "May it be as You have said" ... and the Father planning from before the world began, to send His only Son... to me, to you.

And I am amazed, overwhelmed, awash in joy and thanksgiving for Christmas ♥

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