Monday, January 18, 2016

a day at home

Waking not so early to gentle quiet and warm hugs.
Jamie is home!

The sweetlings begin to chirp and chatter joyfully
now that we are awake.

School is fun --shiny with sparkles-- with Jamie here
to join in the fun.

Peaceful "just being" occupies the rest of our afternoon:
playing, reading, enjoying one another.

Dipping outside, shivering and laughing,
hurrying back inside to warm.

Afternoon waning, evening will come
and there's more time for us.

More time! Maybe a movie all five together,
or maybe a project or game?

Cuddles and sleepy time hugs, pillows and blankets and prayers...
and then sweet stealth preparations for another day.

What better gift than a day at home, all together?
Just so thankful to be in this place ♥

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