Friday, January 15, 2016

never even thought

Something astounding occurred to me this morning. So many of us have been touched by actors, musicians, athletes... people we feel we come to know because of the way they share their gifts with us. People that we may never have the opportunity to meet in person, and if we do, there is almost never time to truly talk or begin relationship. Still, they come to mean so very much to us. They are the faces, voices, music, pictures, stories of some of our dearest adventures.

Do we pray for them? As we anticipate the game, the concert, the show, the movie?
It's the single most powerful, loving thing we can do.

Yesterday and earlier in the week, I found myself wishing with tears that I had known that Mr Rickman and Mr Bowie were sick so I could have lifted them up. My sweetlings saw my tears and asked what was wrong. When I explained, the first question --the first question-- they asked was, "Did he know Jesus?" And, with great sadness, I could only shake my head and say, "I don't know. I don't know."

Two things.

First, I didn't have to know that they were sick to pray for them.

Second, though I never had a chance to share Christ with them, I could have been praying that the Father would make Himself known to them.

I am so sorry that I never even thought to thank God for the gifts He gave them, to ask Him to help them come to know Him and to grow them in Him every day. Oh, how I hope that they did know Him ♥


  1. You are right Quinne, I'm sure most of us have never thought to pray for their salvation. I prayed for the health of a few and/or for their families when they have passed away (Andy Griffith, Randy Travis & Glen Campbell and his family because we know the suffering they know.)
    You have certainly made me think and I will begin tonight! They have such an awesome opportunity to be positive Christian role models, not without persecution in todays society, but we should pray for strength to stand for Christ. We should pray thanks for those who do openly stand up for Christ too. I always glean something special from your blog. So proud of the Christian lady & mom you have become! Love you always!

    1. Hi Sue!! Thanks so much for the sweet note and encouragement. Love you, too ♥