Thursday, January 21, 2016

our children

Reading yesterday and today EE's thoughts on raising our children. It is some of the best, most forthright and true advice I have ever read. If you are searching for the heart of the Father on the subjects of teaching your children to obey and of teaching them about their view of becoming when they grow up, here is how to find these chapters:

Book: Keep a Quiet Heart
Author: Elisabeth Elliot
Chapter "A Child's Obedience" p236
Chapter "Teaching Children" p239

Closing today with just a small portion of her notes from "Teaching Children"...

"If a young person has been taught from childhood that he ought to "be something" without at the same time being shown that nothing is better than being God's servant, he may be preoccupied with ambitions and ideals he has gotten solely from the world.

If his conception of "where it's at" has nothing to do with the Kingdom of God, he is in trouble for when it comes time to discern the Will of God. He will be setting limits to his obedience, defining the terms of his service."

May the Father bless us all as we continue to grow our sweetlings in Him ♥

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