Wednesday, February 24, 2016

of wishes and legos

We have been studying the book of Daniel at CBS this year, and the children have been discussing what they are learning. Yesterday their conversation turned to Christ's return.

Overheard yesterday afternoon...

S: I wish Jesus would come back in two seconds from right now!
M&I: That would be so cool.
I: Can you imagine? Everything all bright and shiny, and here He is!
S: Yeah!
MSI: (not together, but all saying something like):
I am so ready for Him to get here!

S: Oh, and even better! You know what would just be the best?
I would give all of my Legos and every one I would wish for
for all the rest of my life if Jesus came back on Christmas morning.
That would be the best present ever!

M&I: Awesome!
I: And we woke up on Christmas morning and came down to the
tree and the sky started to shine, and there was Jesus! And He came
to get us by the Christmas tree. Wonder if He might do that?

M: I wonder when He really will come...

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