Friday, February 26, 2016

the man inside

O, my heart! The sweetlings are outside running like mad, playing and laughing and having such fun. Samuel's soccer season gears back up this week, and he is so excited! The girls have decided to help him get fit and set to play, so they are all out there on mission.

I glanced up just a moment ago as Samuel was running by the glass door. In that moment I saw just a glimpse of the young man he will become in way too few years from now (mere seconds, it seems). There was a tall and striking young man, lean and quick and full of joy, so beautiful to my eyes, and so grown up.

In the next moment my freckle-faced ten year old sweetling was back and grinning widely at me through the door making faces and sound effects to go with his silly grin.

I am pausing just to take a breath and say a prayer for the man my precious boy will become, is becoming. The deepest hopes of my heart come pouring to mind as tears fill my eyes, and I whisper thanks and blessings and praise for the gift of his days ♥

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