Thursday, March 10, 2016

sweet springtime ?!?

Imagine with me if you will... a perfectly "normal" morning.

And then your 7 year old sweetling, while working hard on her tasks for school, steps out the front door to check the weather for the calendar she keeps.

Upon exiting said door, she begins to scream in that glass-shattering falsetto that only little girls can manage.

Quickly re-entering the house, eyes popping, holding her nose, she belts out, "Why in dee WOLD does dee WHOLE WOLD smell like chickid heinies???"

Immediate chaos. The youngest, standing and stomping, furious and offended. The elder two nearly passed out from lack of oxygen while in complete hysterics, which makes the poor littlest one even more upset. The mom doing everything humanly possible to keep a straight face while racing to the door to close it... so sorry for the little one, trying not to roar with laughter with the older sweetlings, eyes burning from said aromatic atrocity, thinking this may be spot on commentary to the primary elections...

Life in the country is the real deal, man!
And fashion week just cannot hold a candle to fertilizer week.

Waiting for the wind to turn, o yezzz ♥

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