Wednesday, April 27, 2016

for Isaac

We have a precious friend who is very sick tonight. His name is Isaac, and he is twelve years old. He has had lots of awful symptoms and has been dealing with them for about six weeks now. He's had lots of tests, and there have been no answers so far.

He is weary and discouraged today. His precious mom and dad and siblings are brokenhearted at his hurting, longing for him to feel better and for a return to daily days.

Isaac and his family know and love Jesus, and they are in need of prayer just now.
Will you lift them up with us, friends?

Thank you ♥

Friday, April 22, 2016

rain day

The rain on the heads of the spring bursting wheat
The puddles that splish and splash under feet

The sparkling bright drops gently rolling down leaves
On the slightly bent branches supported with ease

The many hued flowers gazing high to the sky
Drinking full freely, seem to grin and to sigh

The joy of a rain day here under the trees
rejoicing and dancing, a gorgeous reprieve

So thankful ♥

Thursday, April 21, 2016


"All of the past, I believe, is a part of God's story of each child of His --a mystery of love and sovereignty, written before the foundation of the world, never a hindrance to the task He has designed for us, but rather the very preparation suited to our particular need..."

Every step I have walked is His perfect prep for the next one I will take. O life in His hands is sweet, is joy, is so beautiful. I think of Paul (our current writer of study at CBS) who, no matter the circumstance, could see the moments of the gorgeous life that He was already living in Christ and, yes, the promise of his Master's face again one day soon.

It's the path. Eyes to the prize, yes, but don't miss that next step and the next. The Father is amazing there. He is more than enough there. He is perfect there. Walk on ♥

quote from EE

The rest is written with love and joy for my heart and for the heart of one for whom I am praying just now.
May these next days and months surprise you with peace and joy, laughter and love beyond anything
you have dreamed thus far. You are so loved - more than I could possibly ever express. May you know
it as surely as you know the One who has called you to live these days that you do not recognize. May
they be magnificent in Him ♥

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

when she says "Hey, Mom..."

Meredith and I were working together in the kitchen just a little while ago. As usual, she was emptying the dishwasher while I was working on projects and cleaning up after supper. She was listening to music on her phone with one ear bud in and one out, and I was quietly planning the rest of the week in my mind --when she said what have come to be two of my favorite words ever: "Hey, Mom..."

It's the gentle way she says those two little words together (combined with the power of that ellipsis) that gets me every time! I slow to still and quiet and tune my heart to listen to hers.

We spent about twenty (priceless!) minutes talking about everything from pirates (aye!) to plans for soon and for years from now. We laughed a lot and teared up a little, and she rolled her eyes at my inherent "Quinne-ness" as I enjoyed all things "Miss M".

Oh, the gift of living these days. To walk with my girl as she becomes, to be one that she seeks out for deeper relationship, to stand at the receiving point of that gentle phrase and then her heart ♥

Thursday, April 14, 2016

just a cute & funky small silk square

Earlier this evening Jamie and I rode over to check on a swarm of bees his dad caught today, and when we came in I sat down at my desk to find that one of the sweetlings had left something there for me. If you saw it you would probably recognize it as a scarf from yesteryear: crazy colors, wonderful fabric... but just a cute and funky small silk square.

I see it quite differently. I see it in her hair years ago when her hair was long and blond. She wore it with a tan leather jacket and a mini dress, and she was beautiful. I hear her laughing. I see her eyes light and then burst with a smile and so much love as she looks at me. And I miss her in my bones.

Sipping on a delicious cup of coffee as I write just now and wishing she could share it with me, my heart aches. Knowing what I know now (that I didn't have the faintest inkling of when she was still here), about a hundred questions pop to mind that I would love to ask her. To see her face, to study it as she watches my sweetlings, she would find such joy in loving them. She would effervesce in the way only she could, and they would be forever changed.

Taking a moment to breathe in the memories, so thankful, my heart is whispering her name. What a lovely thing the Father did when He made her. How blessed I am to have had the gift of her ♥

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

my sweet pirate, the queen

Meredith and her precious friends are sharing their production of "Blackboot's Lost Loot" this coming weekend. We will spend the next few days in glorious and furious pursuit of the best possible performance --times two.

The play is darling fun, the sweetlings are excited and quite funny, and the details are coming together. It has been a wonderful semester of drama adventure with Mrs B, and we are so thankful for all of the gifts and blessings the Father has tucked in.

Will you lift the cast and crew up with us for the remainder of this week and right on through Monday evening? Aye, ye say? Thanks so much, friends ♥

Blackboot's Lost Loot
by the Share Teen Drama Class
April 17 at 3pm
April 18 at 1pm

Friday, April 8, 2016


If you find yourself on a Friday morning pulling out the sewing projects that you have stashed aside for a rainy day... and it's not raining, but you decide to attack the sewing projects anyway...

And you are a meager seamstress at best but by some miracle are yearning to bless your family by actually getting the projects done (or at least being able to say that you tried your best to attempt them)...

So you pull out the bundle of stuffed animals that need surgery, the comforter that your seven year old has adored since she was two which needs to be trashed after you take a portion of it to make a lovey, your darling husband's beekeeping glove which needs a patch so the little honey hoarders don't infiltrate the safety zone, your favorite jeans which are full of cool tears but now have one in the posterior portion which demands attention, and the blanket from your bed which needs a stitch in time or nine...

And after you unearth the much neglected basket of tools...

I highly recommend one more thing before you begin. Call Ila and ask her to come and sit with you and read her books. She will pack up her favorites, certain to include an adventure with a cat, and maybe some flowers, and a horse, and probably the beach. And she will read and read, and laugh, and stop to tell you a story here and there about some unrelated adventure of her own.

Friends, it will turn out to be the best thing you have done in a while, and I promise you will be looking forward to the next not so rainy day when you can pull out something to make a mess of sewing ♥

No animals stuffed or otherwise were harmed in the making of this day.
One piercing and a few sore fingertips were the day's only casualties ^_~

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

dragon-y goodness

Dragon for hire.
Comes with free fire.
Perfect for barbecues.

Skilled in smelting
and marshmallow melting.
What have you got to lose?

Expert home heater
and burglar eater.
No job to big or too small.

Cleans snow with ease.
Makes perfect grilled cheese.
Go on, just give me a call!

A Samuel discovery for the day - he thought
this was just about the best poem he has read
so far in his life ^_~ Hope you enjoy it, too ♥

"Dragon For Hire" by Julie Douglas

Saturday, April 2, 2016

will be

"Blessed is she 
who has believed
that what the Lord has said to her
will be accomplished." 
Luke 1:45

I have read this precious verse so many times! Each and every time, my thought has been, "How sweet! What a beautiful encouragement to Mary." Until just now. It occurs to me that Elizabeth's joyful message is a message for me, too (and for you).

God is faithful. In his power, love, mercy, and grace He has promised me much. I can rest because His faithfulness does not depend on me. This world and every single person in it belongs to Him, and it's very simple: He will have His way.

Likewise, I know that I am blessed when I believe. The promises He has made in His Word to each of us who loves Him, and the promises He has made to me, specifically, purposefully, personally. He knows. He remembers. He is present. He has promised.

O how He loves.
So blessed ♥