Friday, April 8, 2016


If you find yourself on a Friday morning pulling out the sewing projects that you have stashed aside for a rainy day... and it's not raining, but you decide to attack the sewing projects anyway...

And you are a meager seamstress at best but by some miracle are yearning to bless your family by actually getting the projects done (or at least being able to say that you tried your best to attempt them)...

So you pull out the bundle of stuffed animals that need surgery, the comforter that your seven year old has adored since she was two which needs to be trashed after you take a portion of it to make a lovey, your darling husband's beekeeping glove which needs a patch so the little honey hoarders don't infiltrate the safety zone, your favorite jeans which are full of cool tears but now have one in the posterior portion which demands attention, and the blanket from your bed which needs a stitch in time or nine...

And after you unearth the much neglected basket of tools...

I highly recommend one more thing before you begin. Call Ila and ask her to come and sit with you and read her books. She will pack up her favorites, certain to include an adventure with a cat, and maybe some flowers, and a horse, and probably the beach. And she will read and read, and laugh, and stop to tell you a story here and there about some unrelated adventure of her own.

Friends, it will turn out to be the best thing you have done in a while, and I promise you will be looking forward to the next not so rainy day when you can pull out something to make a mess of sewing ♥

No animals stuffed or otherwise were harmed in the making of this day.
One piercing and a few sore fingertips were the day's only casualties ^_~


  1. Heartfelt thanks to You and Ila for patching up my Boo-Boo's. LoveU4ever from WUT

  2. Hi WUT ♥ We love you, too!