Thursday, April 14, 2016

just a cute & funky small silk square

Earlier this evening Jamie and I rode over to check on a swarm of bees his dad caught today, and when we came in I sat down at my desk to find that one of the sweetlings had left something there for me. If you saw it you would probably recognize it as a scarf from yesteryear: crazy colors, wonderful fabric... but just a cute and funky small silk square.

I see it quite differently. I see it in her hair years ago when her hair was long and blond. She wore it with a tan leather jacket and a mini dress, and she was beautiful. I hear her laughing. I see her eyes light and then burst with a smile and so much love as she looks at me. And I miss her in my bones.

Sipping on a delicious cup of coffee as I write just now and wishing she could share it with me, my heart aches. Knowing what I know now (that I didn't have the faintest inkling of when she was still here), about a hundred questions pop to mind that I would love to ask her. To see her face, to study it as she watches my sweetlings, she would find such joy in loving them. She would effervesce in the way only she could, and they would be forever changed.

Taking a moment to breathe in the memories, so thankful, my heart is whispering her name. What a lovely thing the Father did when He made her. How blessed I am to have had the gift of her ♥

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