Sunday, May 29, 2016

chasing darkness away

What if I walked in this world making a point of remembering that I am forgiven? Certain that I am no longer subject to evil, to sin (a sinner, yes, but not enslaved by these things)? No longer condemned, but victorious?

What would be different in the moments of my days if I carried this fact carefully forward in my thinking? Not haughty, not self-righteous, not prideful, but so very grateful for the privilege of being a Christ follower, for the gift of being created to glorify the Father like He did. Gentle, kind, loving, merciful --and victorious. What a combination!

Everywhere Jesus went while He walked this earth, He was chasing darkness away. He was light and life, glorifying the Father, victorious even in death. He bought that victory for me, too, and made me light just like Him.

Just a few notes from my morning...
Happy Sunday ♥

A hearty thank you here to my pastor who kindled this train ♥
and to Dr Alice Cullinan who was more of an encourager than
she could ever have imagined today ♥

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