Thursday, May 26, 2016

faded & holey

He's outside right now planning, digging up beds, planting flowers. Tracks through the lawn show that the tiller has been busy. The sun reflected in his smile and on his skin takes a moment to rest in the laugh lines around his eyes. He looks beyond the current state of things into what will be lovely when placed according to his design.

As much as he is anything - husband, father, pastor, teacher, son, brother, friend - he is what  he is doing right now. Some of it was taught to him, some learned from years of experience alongside wonderful mentors, and some gifted to Him by the Father.

Long before he knew more of what God had in mind to make of him, he was doing this thing that he loved. And that is where the beginning of "us" was. It makes me smile, oh! I love to see him out there. He is beautiful in my sight.

The sweetlings are out there with him, legacy-growing, with dirty hands and grins wide to their ears. They are laughing, sharing, and asking questions, and he is loving every moment.

So I run here, to this witnessing place, counting the thankful things... loving my precious, sweet man in his faded and holey jeans as he takes a little while to breathe-in a part of his heart ♥

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