Monday, May 16, 2016

more dragon-y goodness

Another Samuel sanctioned bit of verse to brighten up (or fire us up ^_~ ) for Monday♥

It's true I fried a knight or two--
I left them slightly toasted.
But dragons' caves are private homes--
We all have warnings posted.

We dragons are a peaceful lot--
You'll often find us dancing.
Those knights should take up violin
And stop with all this lancing.

I'd never roast a blacksmith, Judge,
I'd never grill a farmer.
Those knights attacked my humble lair
With swords and suits of armor.

They came at me with weapons drawn
To slice me full of gashes,
So what was I supposed to do
But burn them all to ashes?

It's clear that this was self-defense.
You know the knights conspired.
You've got to say I'm innocent--
Or else you might be fired!

"The Scales of Justice" by Jeff Mondak

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