Saturday, May 7, 2016

out in the driveway

He's outside just now, standing in the driveway. His hands are tucked halfway into his pockets and he is staring off into the trees. His sermon notes are perched on the closed trunk of the car, and he is talking through the notes he has set down to share tomorrow. Every now and then he gestures, though his only congregants at the moment are Licorice our lab, a bird or two, and maybe a squirrel. It is easy to see that his heart is reaching out already to those who will be there listening tomorrow. Oh, it makes me smile to see him out there...

beautiful ♥
Isaiah 52 / Romans 10


  1. Love this. So much. May God bless his preparation and the words he speaks; may the Holy Spirit guide his words and may he be an instrument in God's hands.

    1. Thank you, Stacy ♥ from both of us.