Monday, May 23, 2016

the assassin & the stoplight

You know those questions the sweetlings ask... they come out of nowhere, and you find yourself challenged in ways far beyond what you were expecting for normal dinnertime conversation? That's what happened here last night. Meredith asked, "Mom, what would you do, what would you say, how would you handle it if you found out that your very best friend in the world was an assassin? You had absolutely no idea, but you found out that everything you thought you knew about him/her was false and that he/she is a killer?"

My eyes grew wide, and I thought for a minute. And then I started a handful of different sentences only to stop and try again. I hadn't really thought about that particular situation before, so I began searching my heart for some reference point from which to answer her.

Finally, I started with, "I don't know, sweetie."

And then, God stepped in with the words...

"I don't know. There would have to be a conversation - hopefully there would be a conversation, and I can't begin to tell you what I might say. But I do know this for sure, God would give me the words to say. Do you know how I know? Because He has done that for me so many times before."

And then I began sharing examples of times from her own life when God has given me the words to say to her, like the time we were sitting at the stoplight at the end of our road...

We were in a mighty hurry, and of course, the light was red. Meredith was maybe five at the time, and she piped up with, "OOh! Why do we have to sit here and wait for that awful light to turn? Hurry up!!" I told her that waiting is a part of nearly every day and all the time. Moments like sitting at the stoplight are opportunities God gives us to practice our patience, which is one of the fruits of the Spirit. She didn't know it at the time, but as soon as those words came out of my mouth, I was thinking, "Did I say that?!"

She remembered that day - that "practice our patience talk" at the stoplight, and that we sang the Yum Yum fruits of the Spirit song. It was a joy to share what God had done for us that day, and she was comforted by the fact that God can and will handle things that come up for which we simply have no words or answers.

It occurs to me that it would take hours and days to re-tell all of the stories just in Meredith's life when God stepped in and gave me the words that I did not have in answer to her questions, in response to situations in which we found ourselves, in order to comfort her broken heart or her fears.

So, this afternoon, once again, I am bearing witness to His life in our moments.
Counting the thankful things, even the stoplight and the assassin ♥

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