Friday, May 27, 2016

the last

Hooray! The sweetlings and I wrapped up our school year today. There were delicious sighs and giggly exclamations as they placed each book back on the shelf for the last time. And to top off an already gorgeous day, Jamie came in and took us all out for ice cream to celebrate!

As usual, I am a little teary as we farewell a year. The thing that is shooting straight for my heart this afternoon is the fact that I have now taught second grade for the last time. I simply love teaching my sweetlings. The joy, the challenge, the difficult days... none is perfect, but it all wraps up into one of the very best, hardest, most wonderful things in my life. And time is fleeting.

To pack away the things of second grade knowing that there's not going to be an, "Oh, I can't wait to teach this again in a couple of years..." is tough. I am just not quite ready for these kinds of lasts. The sweetlings are, though, and I cannot begin to share what a gift and blessing that is! I am so thankful!

Looking forward with a heart full-to-bursting,
while I stand in the last moments of this last day ♥


  1. I can sympathize. Those lasts are difficult, aren't they? Love to you, dear faithful mama to your children! Good job to you for another year of teaching those hearts and minds. You are doing such important work.

    1. They are! I am grateful, so grateful that the sweetlings are growing, becoming... but oh, how quickly it is passing. I see the Father's hand so often as He prepares our hearts for the days to come - what a gift! But those teary "whoa" days come ^_^ Thank you for the sweet encouragement, Stacy ♥