Friday, May 13, 2016

two more...

Well, now! To say that we are excited for the end of the school year would be a serious understatement. True, the sweetlings are currently in mourning for the end of all things activity-wise. Oh, the drama! Oh, the choir! Oh, the CBS! Oh, the piano! Oh, the soccer! Oh, the gymmies! "We are going to miss our friends, Mom, and we just CAN'T go MONTHS without seeing everyone!"

Ha! But the end of math? Of spelling? Of history? They are quite certain that they will survive these quite well. And so they shall. It has been a wonderful year here under the trees and, though this mommy heart of mine cannot believe that another year has passed so quickly, I am as ready as they are to call it a wrap.

So here's to two more weeks!
Happy Friday before the Friday before the last ♥

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