Tuesday, May 31, 2016

working out with Ila

My littlest sweetling is helping me with my cardio for the day, but not in the way that you might think ^_~ Here are just a few examples from our day so far...

Earlier this morning right out of the blue:
"Mom, did you know that one of my very favorite things to do is to help you with projects? It doesn't matter, really, what we do, just if we can do it together."

A little later in the morning right out of the blue:
"Mom, I have a question for you! Why does Jesus disappear just when the people recognize who He is? You know like those two men from the road when they sat down for supper and poof! He was gone?"

Just a few minutes ago right out of the blue:
Ila brought me a picture from the fridge and asked, "Who is this again, Mom?" It was a picture of my Grandmother (Dad's mom).

So, in this day so far, I have been encouraged, I have been challenged, and I have had the opportunity to remember. In addition to all of that wonderful, I have had three gorgeous sharing times with my little one, her heart and mine, and lots of smiles and hugs, too!

Need I say how much it means to me that my sweetlings enjoy time with me? It amazes me still after all of these years, and I am so grateful. It's one of those "much more" things that the Father has done for me.

Regarding the question above, we talked about how Jesus first kept the men from recognizing Him. I shared that I think that's because He wanted to have the conversation with them just as one man to other men. He wanted to give them the opportunity to share their hearts without being overwhelmed by who He is. That He allowed them to recognize Him once they had slowed down to rest and to be refreshed, when they could take time to really see. And that He left quickly after that so that the fact that He was sitting there with them would not cause them to forget the lessons of the day.

Oh, and Grandmother. I teared up knowing that Ila does not remember her. It is always my joy and a great privilege to speak of Grandmother. I love to share about her with Ila in particular, because Ila is her name sake. I already see Grandmother's strength, joy, and creativity in my little one. Joy!

Loving every moment of this working-it-out ♥


  1. So touching! Definitely cardio healthy. 💖

    1. Hi Teresa ^_^ the joyful-est kind!