Thursday, June 2, 2016

kingdom tales

"Long ago, danger always came to the people in Great Park who were the most brave and to the places that were the most beautiful. Men and women were never what they seemed to be, for magic and mystery and wonder were always possible. But that is not so different from the way things are today..."

It is in the presence of the King that we are most truly who we are. His.

The sweetlings and I are currently re-reading one of our very favorites, and we thought you might like to add a wonderful book to your wish list. Kingdom Tales is a collection of stories told by David and Karen Mains. They use allegory to share truths about the kingdom of God.

The stories begin with Scarboy and his little brother who are in flight to escape the Enchanter and his terrible Enchanted City where no one may walk in the daylight, but only rise and work and live at night. It's a place of great sadness, of artificial power, of burners and breakers, and of ash and fire. But there is a rumor... a rumor of a true King... one who is light and life...

Oh, what fun! We read together, aloud, because of the depth of some of the heart diving. There is abundant adventure and lots of fun to be found, and there are some difficult times, too. I find myself tearing up often as we read, so parents and grands, you may want to pre-read ^_~ The language is engaging, but it can be challenging in some of the chapters. Upon finishing these precious stories, we find ourselves already looking forward to the next time we will take them up together.

To the King! To the Restoration! ♥

Quote from "The Faithless Ranger" chapter 4 of Book 1

Published as the Tales of the Kingdom Trilogy (available at Amazon)
Book 1 - Tales of the Kingdom
Book 2 - Tales of the Resistance
Book 3 - Tales of the Restoration

Re-published as Kingdom Tales (available at My Father's World)

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