Sunday, June 12, 2016

this little light

Sweetest sweetling moment of the day so far...

Prepping lightning bug jars with Samuel and Ila! Finding just the right jars, tapping holes in them with just the right size nails and a hammer, and talking about the best techniques for handling jars and bugs at the same time ^_^

I: But they won't be able to breathe, Mom!
S: That's why we are making these holes in the lids.

S: But they won't like the jars, Mom!
Q: That's why we put some grass in for them to crawl on.

I: But they will starve, Mom!
S: That's why we don't keep them very long.

I: But I might skoosh one trying to catch it, Mom!
Q: That's why we catch them with our hands and then put them in.

S: But will they be happy in there, Mom??
Q: I just don't know. But if you take care of them, they will be fine.

Sweet, sweet summertime ♥

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