Tuesday, July 5, 2016

a treasure map

I woke yesterday morning to a note on my bedside table. I am accustomed to finding them there from time to time when I go up for bed, but this was the first ever to greet me in the morning. It seems that my littlest sweetling had been up since the early morning cutting out paper arrows and making plans for me. The note said that there was treasure waiting to be found and that I must follow the arrows to find it.

So I popped my contacts in and found the first arrow on the banister leading me down the stairs. Discovering arrow after arrow (do you know how challenging it is to draw, color, and cut out lots of little paper arrows?), some in plain sight and some a little tricksy to discover, I was led to my desk and then into one of the drawers to find the treasure.

Another little note :) It says, "I ♥ you Mom." And now it's posted here at my writing desk where I cannot miss it. It reminds me of so much: her face, her smile, her joy, and all of that work. It's also the time she took on Fourth of July morning to lead me step by step to her love. O my heart.

Then there's where that kind of thing comes from in her. I recognize the heart, you see. I know a one who did things like that over and over again all my life to make certain that I knew how very well loved I was. And Ila has never met her, but that Jane-love is living on in her anyway. O my heart.

And there is the much more there, too. The undeniable, gorgeous fact that Christ does that very same thing, has been doing it since the idea for this world was born in His imagination. He's leading us ever toward His love. All we have to do is take a look around to see that every single thing He created directs us to understand that He is everywhere, loving, loving, loving ♥

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