Saturday, July 9, 2016

for this week past & for tomorrow

Father, we cry out to You in our trouble, our heartbreak.
Our country is divided, sorrow-filled, angry, wretched.

Help us remember that there is grace to bear what comes
when we run into Your arms, You who bore all. There is
so much grace there, healing, freedom, peace, love...

Help us remember that when it seems that all fails, You
never fail, and that is why we can always, always give
thanks. Always thanks.

Take our distress and make it beautiful, though we cannot
see for ourselves how. You make all things good for those
who love You.

Help us to be gentle and kind, even when we disagree. Help
us to forgive and give us a blessed forgetfulness, too. May
these days light a deeper, purer devotion to You so that we
can love one another well.

Oh, help us to love one another well.

Make Your presence known in a very special way to all of
the families of those who were killed this week. Let them
be certain of Your great love for them and of our love and
prayers for them.

Heal our land, please.
In Jesus' precious name ♥