Monday, August 29, 2016

side by side

If you could peek into my room just now... Samuel and Ila are stretched out side by side on my bed, each one holding a side of the book he is reading to her. They stop here and there to discuss something; he pauses while she giggles at the voices he uses to make the story live and breathe. They laugh and wonder over the illustrations and talk about how they might have made the art to match the story in a different way. Sometimes they tumble right into another story right out of his or her imagination or they break into the costume box to play the characters themselves. Other times they choose another story and move on or even work together to write one of their own adventures. I wonder where their books will take them today? What fun to watch and see ♥


  1. Love this snippet of life at your house with your kids. So sweet, those two.