Wednesday, August 31, 2016

stop the car!

That moment when you are all, all buckled in and backing out of the parking spot and the littlest one begins to shout, "Mom!! Mom! Stop the CAR!!" And you are certain that the moment is prelude to a bee incident or a bathroom one...

You try to keep calm and find out what is happening in the back seat, and she keeps imploring you --loudly-- to puh-lease stop the car!

Because there are some police officers just getting out of their cars and crossing the parking lot and she HAS to stop and say hello.

So. you. stop. the. car.

We politely called from the van to the officers, and then hopped out to say hi and how much we appreciate what they do, and how we hope that they have a nice lunch and a good afternoon. And then the sweetlings, grins for miles, wave and say goodbye until we are out of sight.

Glancing covertly in the mirror, you see that the children are now beaming, having met some real life super heroes, and discussing their uniforms, their cars, and what they might have to do to solve a case this afternoon.

You realize as you drive away and home that encouragement is one of the lovliest gifts and commissions we have. How simple, how fun! What a joy to have been a part of what the Father was doing in Ila's heart today ♥

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