Friday, September 16, 2016


What a privilege to pray with precious friends we've not even met yet. What a privilege to cry and mourn with them, even as we celebrate a life well lived - a life of service. What a privilege to honor and support those men and women who are first responders in our community, state, and nation - even as our hearts break with loss ♥

This morning, Ila asked me to please tell her again what happened to Officer Brackeen. As I shared with her, her eyes filled and she became so angry! She asked me what would happen next, and as we talked she said, "But Mom! What can I do?" So I shared with her the story of two children who lost their fathers this weekend. We discussed how neither of those precious little ones had the opportunity to help or decide, and that both of them will always be working to deal with what happened. And then we remembered what she can do - what we can all do - we can PRAY. It's the single most loving and powerful thing we can do.

And so we did that specifically, purposefully standing and holding hands in our kitchen at 2pm. We will continue to do that as often as the Father brings these precious folks to our hearts and minds. Any time we hear a siren of any type, wherever we are, we pray for the first responders and the folks they are going to help - and we will continue to do so. We will smile and wave and pray when we see them out in their vehicles around town, and we will stop to say hello and thank you whenever we can.

We will also pray for families who are dealing with the consequences of poor decisions, remembering that sin is something that every single one of us deals with every single day.

We will remember that God calls us to respect authority, and we will pray as our nation tries to re-learn that lesson. We will pray for parents to remember to teach their children and for the children to hear and take it to heart.

Proudly and prayerfully all in blue here ♥

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