Monday, September 19, 2016

butterflies on the beach

By the great kindness of a precious friend, Ila and I were able to take a little retreat a couple of weeks ago, just the two of us. Oh, what a sweet time! We sang and played, read stories to one another, worked on school, laughed a LOT, talked about some heart things, danced, watched the water and boats and creatures, played in the sand and the sea, cried a little, watched "Little House" episodes, met new friends young and old...

Among our favorite things about the lovely place we visited were the butterflies. They were everywhere! So pretty and lively and fun to watch, they accompanied us through all the hours of our adventures. Particular to this beach, though, and to our great delight and endless wonder, was their presence with us on the beach. I don't remember ever seeing more than one or two on a beach anywhere else ever.

Moment to moment we could look around and somewhere within our frame of view there would be one or, most often, two little butterflies dancing away across the sand and then out over the water. They continued on to disappear out of sight far away over the ocean.

What a joy to dream up the places they might be heading off to and the adventures they might have along the way and once they arrived. We laughed to think of them visiting with friendly dolphins and whales when they wanted some company and of them stopping to rest on a pretty sailboat or a large ship. We wondered how they might find food, whether the salty spray of the sea might make their wings heavy and their flight longer, and where they found the energy to fly and fly and fly.

Perhaps the most challenging idea of all was the courage / inclination of such a tiny, delicate creature to strike out over a huge ocean on a seemingly endless journey. We talked long and long about the butterflies on the beach. What a beautiful picture of trust and hope! What sweet remembries ♥

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