Wednesday, October 5, 2016

her name

I don't know her name, but she is foremost in my thoughts ever since I saw her. I am asking, praying that the Father will send someone to reach her...

Out on errands at the end of last week, I stopped by the market for a few things. When I reached the checkout line, I said hello to the person across the counter as usual. A very quiet return greeting had me taking a closer look into her face, and the shadows in her eyes broke my heart. She was miserable, but did not say so. She was doing everything she could to stand, to work --it was so clear, though she spoke not a word of complaint.

I tried to reach out, to begin a conversation, but it was beyond her. She was not rude or sarcastic, she just needed to concentrate to do the next thing and could spare nothing for anything more.

I could not see her name tag; it was covered by the cardigan she wore. How I wished for a way to find out without calling attention, so that I could pray specifically, calling her by name. I prayed all the way home anyway.

And so I come here, asking if you will pray with me for this precious girl. Trusting with me for her heart and its care -- the Father knows her name ♥

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