Tuesday, October 25, 2016

invitation answered :)

We just tucked in two fall-funned-out, tuckered out littles. What a fun day! The sweetlings awoke to the very serious business of finding those invitations Jamie and I told them would be delivered after they were asleep last night.

They discovered them quickly and set out to follow the enclosed instructions about how to prepare for the day: including clothing directions, the necessity of an adventure hat, choosing a basket for the day, preparing water bottles for everyone, and doing their first fives.

We set out after a yummy breakfast of their favorites (Jamie's pancakes with eggs and livermush), stopping along the way for coffee and white chocolate cocoa at the Lily Bean. We spent the morning on the river, nature walking, discovering trails of our own, watching the water, and making some fall projects. Each of us brought a basket along, so we spent quite a bit of time collecting beautiful fallen treasures from the woods to add to our baskets.

We used our treasures in a stick-and-twine loom we made for our nature weaving project. This is the first time we tried this one, and it was so much fun! The end result is beautiful and very "us." We also made leaf and bark rubbing murals with my favorite stash of wax crayon colors.

After a picnic with some of Poppy's honey wheat bread, nuts and clementines, we played some more, read a story or two, and then spent some time on the play area (complete with slides and a fort).

Next we set off for the pumpkin patch to choose some carving pumpkins, and then headed home for a snack. There we pulled out the crock pot to make a soup for supper, had a little down time, and then it was back outside for some more adventuring.

We spent the late afternoon alternating leaf hunting, watching the pot of melting beeswax, and enjoying the absolutely stunning sunset. Inside again after sunset for our soup supper, the sweetlings turned their sights on preserving all of the pretty leaves we found. They dipped and dipped and dipped and are looking very much forward to doing some more of that tomorrow, along with creating garlands by stringing the waxed leaves.

That wrapped our day, and they were delighted to find that we will continue the fun later this week with pumpkin carving, fall decorating, and preparing for Fall Festival.

A glorious time was had by everyone. Smallest to tallest there were no complaints just joy - so neat! The littles had no idea what might be coming next on our fall adventure agenda (lol), and it was such a blast watching their faces all through the day! They are already discussing and hoping for our next adventure day. Now I just need to locate the winter fairy? Or the Thanksgiving one? Or the Great Pumpkin? You just never do know ♥

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