Monday, October 24, 2016

oh, fall!

The littles and I are trekking out for an adventure morning tomorrow, and I am so excited! The ideas have been swirling madly over the past two days as I have pieced and patched together a bit of fall fun. How I love to plan for them!

Our sweet friend, the fall fairy, has been by to drop off their invitations to the day, and I have packed adventure bags and tucked a list in my stash of awesome books and crafty goodness. The only things left to do now are to quietly place the invitations where they will surely discover them at first light, and to try to find a way to wind down so that I can rest a little while before we are off.

It makes me laugh to consider just what shape we all may be in by the time it's time for choir tomorrow afternoon, but I am certain that the littles will be soaked in sunshine and fairly squishy with the joy of the fall season.

More tomorrow evening if there is energy left with which to type ♥

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